Helping Out

We are a voluntary organisation and we rely on help from our members.

There are plenty of ways you can help out and without making a commitment to attend each week.

    • Runners – ensure race cards are given to the timekeepers at the start of each race.

    • Race managers/handicappers – this is a good one for non swimmers as it’s a desk job. It involves sorting cards so swimmers are put in the right race – sorted by age, stroke and distance – as well as recording handicaps. Following races, times and point scores are recorded.

    • Marshall – ensures all swimmers are called to their race and ready to start on the pontoon.

    • Starter – starts the events from the pontoon and calls out handicap times so swimmers know when to dive in.

    • Timekeepers – this is very easy and there are clear instructions on the timesheet.

    • Race Judge – records the place obtained by the swimmers in each event.