Welcome to Balmain Swimming Club!

We are the oldest swimming club in Australia and definitely the most social and fun.

Each Saturday afternoon at Dawn Fraser Baths (Balmain) we have swimming races for kids and grown ups followed by a BBQ and bragging by the kids on how they are faster than the parents!

Our swimming club, Balmain Amateur Swimming Club (BASC), was established in 1884. BASC is the oldest Swimming Club in Australia, and still uses the same baths, the Dawn Fraser Baths. We meet every Saturday afternoon at 3.45pm, from October through to April and have events for juniors right through to 'Golden Oldies'.

"The Balmain Swimming Club was founded in 1884 shortly after the baths were opened. When it celebrated its centenary, it was the first club to do so. The club is also thought to be the first swimming association in Australia and many of its members have achieved distinction in swimming, water polo, diving and life-saving." NSW State Heirtage Register (Walker 1991) Read more >