Some history about club names 

The Balmain Amateur Swimming Club is probably the longest operating sporting club in Australia. We think it most definitely is, books have been published about this, and we would love a historian to fact check this.

Over the past 137 years, we have been registered as the Balmain Amateur Swimming and Life Saving Club and the Balmain Amateur Swimming and Water Polo Clubalways the one club since 1884ish. The club sporting activities have been swimming, diving, lifesaving and water polo – and always at the historic harbour pool at Whitehorse Point Balmain (Dawn Fraser Baths). 

Since 2018, the registered name of the club has been Balmain Water Polo Club Inc and we are going through an administrative process to change the name back to Balmain Amateur Swimming and Water Polo Club Inc. The cross over and connection between the Swimming and Water Polo activities are significant.

Once this has happened, we will be able to affiliate and register swimmers and supporters with Swimming NSW.

Until we have completed this, we are running registrations through the Balmain Water Polo Club website and the affiliation (and insurance for swim club) will be under Water Polo Australia. 

Registrations are open from February 2022

Each of the following links will take you to the Balmain Water Polo Club (BWPC) website. Many of you involved with club water polo will be familiar with this process.

We have set up 4 registration classes. Click on the relevant link below to register for each swimmer and non-swimmer. You can only access these registration links from this page.

This will take you to the Balmain Water Polo Club registration page and you will have to click on the [NEW MEMBER] or [RETURNING MEMBER] button:

Some quick points before you register

Problems with Registration?

If you are having problems registering and paying online (it is not always a simple process, but the operation of the BWPC membership portal and payment process is beyond our control) then please contact

We will try to make this process easier and have iPads at Swim Club to help - you can register on Saturday afternoons at the pool.

Ready to register?

When you register, by selecting one of the options above, you will be taken to the Balmain Water Polo Club registration portal. There are a few steps to this and you will have a registration screen like the one below – albeit with 9 steps!