Swim Club Starts on 5th February 2022

As at 2nd February 2022, we are still sorting out registration and membership for the start of our season in 2022.

In the meantime, join us on Saturday, 5th February from 4:00pm for a swim and BBQ. New members welcome.

Check out the Calendar for race and tide details.

Free Come and Try Registration

From February 2022 Balmain Amateur Swim Club registration is available via the Balmain Water Polo Club.

Note: This is not needed for already registered Balmain Water Polo players or supporters – Let us know on the day.

Old Membership information

2018-19 fees (we are determining the 2021-22 fees and registration process)

Base fees for swimmers - typically an individual:

    • $75 - swimmer ($73 Swimming Australia and NSW fees, $2 for club, covering trophies)

    • $25 - non swimmer (Swimming Australia and NSW fees, zero for club)

2018-2019 Registration information

    • Registrations are processed by Swimming NSW and swimmers are required to join if they would like to swim with our club. The fee largely covers insurance for the swimmers and a small amount is returned to the club, which we use for timing equipment, trophies, etc.

    • If you are having problems registering and paying online (it is not always a simple process, but the operation of the Swimming NSW membership portal and payment process is beyond our control) then please contact

    • We will try to make this process easier and have iPads at Swim Club - so you can register on Saturday afternoons at the pool.